Over the years, kratom powder has gained popularity among health enthusiasts – thanks to its long-established history of medicinal properties. However, despite the increasing number of consumers swearing by its benefits, others still have lingering questions about the product, specifically how exactly they should use it.   

While it’s true that there is no definitive right or wrong way of consuming kratom powder, most users prefer taking it in specific ways. Since it can taste horrible, some opt to mix it with a particular food or drink. Others even go the extra mile with do-it-yourself capsules.  

Here are five different ways of consuming kratom powder effectively.  


It’s no secret that kratom powder has a distinctly bitter taste. That being said, it could get quite difficult to consume it as is. Fortunately, you can easily mix the healthy substance with your favorite drinks. If you enjoy drinking smoothies, consider adding kratom powder or crushed kratom leaves. This will make your favorite beverage extra healthy and tasty.   KRATOM POWDER

To do this, simply mix one to two tablespoons of cold liquid milk chocolate with a dose of kratom powder. Stir the ingredients well until it turns to a paste-like consistency. Then, add a few more tablespoons of chocolate milk or a few scoops of ice cream while stirring until the glass is almost full. Your healthy and refreshing kratom smoothie is now ready to serve.  KRATOM POWDER


If you’re too busy to take your daily dose of kratom in the morning, why not mix it with your favorite to-go yogurt? This recipe will not only provide you with a delicious morning snack but also keep you energized throughout the day.  

To create your kratom-infused yogurt, simply stir in about 5 grams of kratom powder into a cup of plain or flavored yogurt. You can even add more twists to it by mixing in diced fruits like mango, strawberry, kiwi, peach, and more. 


Another fun and healthy way of consuming kratom powder is by turning it into popsicles. This cold and yummy treat is sure to complete your summer experience. Making your own kratom popsicle is relatively easy. 


To do this, blend kratom powder with your desired flavor, such as chocolate or fruits. Then, add it to a whisked full cream milk and mix well. Pour the mixture into plastic cups or containers and place wooden sticks into them. Freeze for at least four hours and serve.  

The kratom powder in your popsicle is enough to keep you energized for hours, so it’s best to consume on a busy day.


Perhaps the most straightforward way of consuming kratom powder is the toss and wash method. All you have to do is take your desired dose of kratom powder, toss it in the back of your throat, and wash it down with any drinks you like. This method is not for the faint of heart though. While it’s true that this method is relatively quick and efficient, the kratom powder’s bitter taste might be too much for some. 



There are many kratom capsules readily available in the market today. But for those who want to go the extra mile, making your own kratom capsule can make all the difference. To do this, you need to purchase gelatin capsules, which will house the kratom powder. You also need to buy an encapsulating machine to process your pills. 



Why do you Need Window Cleaning Services in Massachusetts? 

Never underestimate the value of keeping windows clean. If people think it’s all about sparkling, then, there is so much more with a clean window than any other people think about it. Since Massachusetts is known to different business and commercial spaces, people really value the importance of window cleaning. This might be an unpopular task, but there are wide ranges of professional window cleaning Medford, MA solutions you can actually check with. Window Cleaning Services

What are the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaner? 

  • Window cleaning protects windows 

Having windows exposed to dirt and debris causes damage. The dirt and dust can cause scratches and blemishes. This is why hiring a professional window cleaner is important for they are equipped with tools and equipment for window cleaning solutions. 

  • Window cleaning improves the property 

Clean windows improve the ambiance of your home as well as your business. Also, it allows beautiful views to be seen clearly. Have you imagined yourself looking for a beautiful view in Massachusetts through streaked and dirty windows? Probably, you will look for a window cleaning Medford MA solutions to solve your problems. 

  • Hiring professional window cleaner is safer 

Washing window by yourself is risky, using ladders can be dangerous, and store-bought cleaners may contain chemicals are not best to breathe in. This is why hiring a professional window cleaner can assure that your windows are clean, so as you don’t have to worry about your health and safety. 

  • Clean windows effectively 

Being trained and licensed window cleaner, you can assure that their cleaning job will not leave any streaks and mess. 

  • Give you time to do other tasks 

Rather than spending your whole day cleaning windows, hiring a professional one will surely give you more time to do other tasks you can enjoy with or take a rest after a week of work. 

What are the different types of window cleaning services? 

  • Exterior glass window cleaning 

The exterior image of your business or home façade is an indicator of what guests or customers can expect when they come inside. Having an exterior glass window cleaning services can generate substantial returns for your home as well as to your business. 

  • Interior glass window cleaning 

It is perfect for improving the interior designs and aesthetics of the place. Smudge windows will only keep untidy appearance and unpleasant atmosphere for the guests or customers. 

  • Glass Doors 

Professional window cleaners ensure that glass doors are cleaned efficiently so there will be no mold or mildew can grow that may damage glass doors. 

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