When to Remove a Tree

When you’ve got trees in your property, you must not wait for the perfect timing to take care of those since every season is the perfect season for tree maintenance and care. As a matter of fact, tress will benefit more from simple pruning or trimming. However, some trees need more than just trimming and need to get eliminated.

Obvious Tree Removal Indications

  • A dying tree or a tree which is in a poor condition should be eliminated as soon as possible. A dying tree basically lacks foliage and has brittle branches.
  • Storm-damaged trees must also be eliminated in order to avoid the risk it can cause. Most of the time, areas which have no significant damage can actually be resolved through correct pruning or trimming.
  • A leaning tree must be eliminated in order to secure the surrounding areas in the event of a falling tree.
  • A tree which has developed or grown very close to your electrical line can be very dangerous and must be eliminated as soon as possible. It is much better to ask for help from a professional and experienced tree cutting service provider when trying to get rid of your tree.

If your tree is causing much damage to your property or to others because of the sap, fallen leaves and branches, it might be best to just get rid of that tree immediately. Sap causes mildew formation which can cause severe damage over time.

Not so Apparent Tree Removal Symptoms

Actually, there are occasions that the symptoms of your distressed tree are not so obvious and that makes it even more complicated to identify whether your trees need to be eliminated or not. The following are some not so obvious signs of a dangerous tree:

1. Disease and Infestation

Determine signs of pest and insect infestations in your tree since these can be a sign that your trees need immediate intervention. If your tree is not eliminated as soon as possible, it may impact all its closest properties and even the trees that are in good condition surrounding them.

2. Decay and Rot

Consult with a professional and highly reputable tree removing service provider like Cincinnati tree experts and have your trees checked. A licensed arborist can definitely tell whether your tree is dealing with a decay or a disease. If the health of your tree is beyond recovery then, the professional arborist may take the appropriate actions to get rid of it.

3. Damage in the Primary Tree Trunk

A tree with a primary trunk severely damaged must be eliminated immediately. Trees such as these are very dangerous and can topple anytime of the day, most especially during or after the storm or an extreme weather condition. Getting rid of trees with a compromised or damaged trunk is very critical in order to promote safety in your residential or commercial property.

Tree Removal Services

There are a lot of different reasons why your tree requires to be eliminated. As an ordinary homeowner, it is your obligation to ensure that your trees are well taken cared for as well as far from pest infestations and diseases.